Francisco Rodrigues (b. 2001, Funchal, PT) is an artist based between Lisbon and Funchal, Portugal.

Rodrigues’s work focuses on an acidic act of rubbing immiscible stuff. At the core of his practice is a concern for twisted lines of thought as well as an investigation into the self. Devilishly sly and mischievous, they are inspired by wrongness, depravity, perversion, pop culture and the internet. These subjects are approached by gathering material collected from the web and from personal archives which they manipulate, appropriate, edit, and copy-paste to their liking. Nothing is safe but everything is sacred. Defined categories are rejected and get pulled in unpredictably playful ways. Seemingly disparate objects are put in a blender to consume but also regurgitate the resulting amalgamation mid-digestion in an experimental exercise of rejection and refusal. Something way gooier and messy but also tender and sweet. Burning/loving/stomping/kissing/tearing/hugging/becoming/undoing - on a perpetual slashing loop.